Mind Over Habit

by Gary Hays | January 23rd, 2015 | Body & Image, Mind & Body

thumbs up (400x400)According to the law of averages it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. Each day someone suppresses flicking their Bic on a fresh new cigarette, or biting chunks out of what’s left of their fingernails, they are 5% closer to achieving their goal of setting themselves free.

Face it, we all have a desire to become healthier, and what better place to start than with the sources of what’s causing our bodies harm. Some habits are controlled by a physical addiction, while others are the result of mental addiction only. Either way, the mind is the star of the show. We must first convince ourselves that, come what may, we can do this. If the habit does involve a physical addiction, we must first convince our mind that we are doing the best thing for our body, and by remembering this, it will provide us with the necessary willpower and determination to see things through to fruition.

Each day as we awaken 5% closer to victory, we should begin the morning by reflecting upon our accomplishments up to this point. Each new day will also provide new inspiration as we start reflecting pride in the abilities we may have previously doubted, making our quest easier. Once our mind eventually whispers, “I got this”, all we can do is agree.

Set a final goal and speak with your mind. As your physical health improves, so will your mental health by virtue of your proven ability to accomplish mind over matter.

Everything has to start someplace.

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