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by Jessica B. | August 22nd, 2013 | Lower Body, Strength Training

Legs of a young man runningSo I have a new workout obsession to help me monitor my post pregnancy weight loss and my workouts. It is this insane app for the IPhone called Moves. This app pretty much tracks every single thing you do during the day, and sometimes I feel like I have invited Big Brother into my pocket. But considering your telephone does this anyway, you might as well use it to your advantage.

Moves is a great way to monitor your lower body workout, because it tracks all of your lower body movement all day long. It counts your steps, your running paces, and if you have biked somewhere. If you take the car or a bus, don’t worry. The app calculates for these periods differently so they do not interfere with your workout.

You can plug in some basic information about yourself, and then you get all the info you need about how many calories you have burned during the day.

If you are a runner, you also get a great map of your running routes as you go, and don’t worry, you can run the app simultaneously with other apps, like Runkeeper, if you also like to track your runs that way.

At the end of each day, you get feedback as to the total amount of steps you have taken, the distance you have traveled, and the time you have spent moving around. You can then keep track of all of your workouts in a calendar. You can check your routes and follow your whole day. The program uses Google maps to get a clear image of your trips, runs, and walks.

The only problem I have had thus far is that the app does not work well with a stroller! Usually I put my phone in my stroller as I walk, but the app seems to count that as transport, probably because it is not very bumpy, and then I miss amount of steps I take and that walk gets counted as a ‘ride.’ This is not a huge problem; I can always have my phone in my pocket or in a sports band.

The other downside is that it only, obviously, works if you have your phone on you. I don’t always have my phone on me in my house, and I often run up and down the stairs, so I miss out on this motion quite a bit.

But overall, I have found the Moves app to be a great way to get me out and moving around more, helping to build my lower body strength, and getting me to workout more – even if it is a bit creepy at times.

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