Older Women: Chores Build Strength

by Mackenzie M. | March 11th, 2013 | Strength Training, Upper Body

playgroundThere are ways to build strength that do not involve going to the gym or using free weights.  Simply tackling demanding chores around the home, on a regular basis, can increase upper body strength.  Instead of letting others who you feel are stronger do the work, vow to undertake difficult tasks with the intent of building arm and back strength. Here are a few suggestions.

Lawn Care

Raking cut grass and leaves does wonders for both the biceps and triceps.  Depending on the size of the yard, the task may need to be broken up over several days; however, this simple back and forth motion gives a great work out.  In addition, pruning dead branches and pulling out dead plants will work the upper body as well. Finally, maybe a wood pile needs to be moved to a new location.  If so, put on gloves, lift correctly with legs, and carry the logs to the new location.  Your arms will become stronger!

Pet Care

I knew a woman who could not longer lift large bags of kitty litter.  She decided to do something about it, so she bought small boxes of the substance and began carrying them into the home herself.  Each week she bought a larger container, and she lifted it periodically. As time wore on, she could once again lift the big bags like she used to do. Even something as simple as taking care of pets can build upper body strength. (You may even want to place your cat in the pet carrier and practice lifting!)

Child Care

Women forget as they age how demanding holding infants and toddlers can be. Arms and backs must be strong to carry little ones! Those women whose children are older, but who are expecting grandchildren, should remember to keep arm and back strength.  It may sound odd, but if a woman has the opportunity, she should build her arm strength by caring for a small child once in a while.  Volunteer to take the neighbor’s baby while she naps, or take your toddler Goddaughter to the park; build back that upper body strength so that when it’s time for grandchildren, you are ready.

Keeping upper body strength as a woman ages is key to an active life.  Think about doing the above chores as a way to stay strong.  What about it ladies?  Any other ideas for building upper body strength that do not involve the gym?  Leave a comment below.


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