Practicing Mindfulness for Stress Relief

by Marnie Bii | December 12th, 2014 | Mind & Body, Stress

stressrelax (400x400)Without actively figuring out what’s really bothering you, blame often falls on minor frustrations that happen throughout the day. You might not even realize the bigger problem that’s coloring your perceptions of the world until you blow up about something unimportant. Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress by allowing you to figure out what’s bothering you to find and enact a solution that eliminates that issue for good.

You might initially notice that as you solve each minor issue, you do not experience any lasting stress relief. This is because the continued frustrations directly relate back to the bigger problem you are actively avoiding. Focus inward to identify issues that are nagging you. Try to write down any dilemmas that come to mind, even if they do not have an obvious solution at that time. By identifying the main issue, you can more easily let small problems go when frustration levels start to rise.

Brainstorm some solutions for the main problem causing you an immense amount of stress. Try to apply the solutions using the simplest one first. Even if you cannot solve the problem outright, working toward a solution often gives you a way to actively combat and reduce stress.

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