Row Your Way to Cardio Health

by Kimberly Hays | August 5th, 2013 | Cardio, Outdoor

rowRowing is one of the oldest sports in history. There are carvings in Egypt of people rowing. Crew row racing is also the oldest college sport in the United States, starting in 1844. The row boat has even been morphed into an indoor rowing machine. The popularity of rowing is not slowing down. There are many cities today where you can join rowing teams that are meant to be a full body workout instead of preparing for a competition. You can also row alone if you would rather workout by yourself. Whatever your preference, there are several reasons to give it a try.

Improved Fitness – When rowing, you have to use all of your major muscles repeatedly. The range of repetitive motion works your abs, legs, arms, back, and buttocks with each movement. It also gives you a super cardio workout while building endurance.

Mental Fitness – The point of a cardio workout is to raise your heart rate, which rowing does, but it is also great for calming your mind and lowering blood pressure. The motions while rowing can put you in a meditative state where you can reduce stress while getting a great total body cardio workout.

Low Impact – While rowing you will get a thorough workout, and you will be less likely to have a serious injury that can happen with machines and equipment. Because rowing is low impact, it is a good exercise for those who are recovering from injury as well, especially joint injuries.

Fresh Air and Sunshine – Being outside while enjoying your cardio workout will allow you breathe in fresh air, which will increase your cardio fitness. You are also getting the benefit of vitamin D from exposure from the sun.

Better Coordination – The rowing stroke requires that you are substantially coordinated. The more often you row, the more your coordination will develop. This will help you maintain better balance and reduce accidents in other areas of your life.

Weight Loss – While working up your heart rate, you will also be whittling away the pounds, because it revs up the metabolism. Studies have proven that rowing burns calories faster than biking while using the same amount of effort.

Great for All  – Unlike a lot of workouts and high impact sports, rowing can be a lifelong workout, and anyone can start at any age. The tensions on the oars can be adjusted to make it easier for those who are just starting out or who are older.

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