Smart Ways to Make Calorie Restriction Work

by Marnie Bii | November 11th, 2014 | Accessories, Diet Plans

diet plan (400x400)To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. If you do not have any complicating factors, like diabetes or PCOS, weight loss can be as simple as maintaining a caloric deficit. Instead of hours of cardio, you can just perform plate push-backs and fork drops at each mealtime. However, you must have the right outlook and plan to make a calorie restrictive diet viable with your lifestyle. Read on for more information.

The Right Mindset

Once you identify your daily calorie limit using a calculator like this one, you might realize you must consume a whole lot less than you are used to. As a result, you might initially feel deprived. If you change the way you think about calorie restriction, you can empower yourself to succeed. For example, do not say, “I can’t have that,” instead phrase it as “I don’t want to eat that way anymore.” Structuring the diet as your own choice and idea, not something imposed upon you by an outside force, will go a long way in changing your mindset and ability to succeed.

Create a Meal Plan

The beauty of a calorie restriction diet is that you can have anything, so long as it is consumed in moderation. So go ahead and eat a cookie or slice of cake if it fits within your calorie allotment for the day. Create a meal plan that includes small daily treats and your favorite foods to prevent uncontrollable cravings. Change your meal plan often to keep the diet exciting. Make sure to include fiber rich vegetables along with enough protein and fat to keep you satiated to avoid feeling ravenous throughout the day.

Track Your Progress

You will need to track your progress to keep motivation levels high. You will only see one to two pounds disappear each week while maintaining a moderate, and healthy, caloric restriction. As a result, it is important to celebrate small milestones, such as staying within your calories for the day or practicing good portion control. Input all of your food before you eat to prevent mistakes that put you over your limit for the day. Use measuring cups, spoons and a scale to make sure you are accurately inputting food information to avoid accidental overages.

Treat Yourself Right

You can further improve motivation by celebrating large milestones, including 10 pounds lost or 30 days of staying within your calorie limits. Just avoid the temptation to celebrate your success with food. Using food for motivation can disrupt your weight loss progress and reverse your new-found ability to control portions.

Instead, go to the movies, buy a new outfit or spend time out with friends to reward yourself right. Each time you meet your goals and reward yourself in a healthy way, you will increase your motivation to eat right and continue toward a healthier lifestyle. Once you reach your goal weight, you can eat at your given maintenance calories to avoid losing or gaining.

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