by MPK | February 13th, 2008 | Cardio

As I sit in a comfortable chair by the fireplace while snow falls outside, I am envisioning my outdoor plans. While many see the snow and wonder when spring will return, along with their outdoor workouts, I am excited to know that my outdoor activities can continue.snowshoe

Physical activity is an important part of my life, with a goal of 5 workouts per week. When there is good weather (40 degrees or higher without rain) I like to go on power-walks. However, living in a colder climate, this isn’t possible for 4 – 5 months.

During the cold months, when there is no snow, and it’s cold, I resort to my stairclimber. However, it can be mind-numbing. For that reason, I love having snow. I can put on my snowshoes and walk snow-covered trails.

Not only does snowshoeing offer more interesting views than my basement walls, it provides a better workout. According to research by Declan Connolly, “Snowshoeing on packed snow at 3.97 mph elicited the same heart rate and energy expenditure response as walking on a treadmill at 6 mph or snowshoeing on unpacked snow at 2.87 mph.”

An added benefit to this activity is the minimal cost involved. Yes, there is the initial investment to purchase the snowshoes (approximately $250), but then if you have open land near you, it’s free!

If you are ready for a workout that burns a decent amount of calories while enjoying nature, give snowshoeing a try.

To read Declan Connolly’s research, click here.

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