Spinning – Learning to Love the Gym

by Jessica B. | December 22nd, 2011 | Cardio

I admit, as much as I love running and getting a good workout, I’ve always struggled with going to the gym. When the ice and snow arrive, I usually try to head inside and use the gym to maintain my stamina, but I struggle with the boredom and repetitive nature of pounding out miles on the treadmill, and I have no patience for a stationary bike.

I know an aerobics class, a step class, or even Zumba would be a great way to help with my cardio, but I usually just feel uncoordinated and clumsy. The whole class seems to dance to the left, and I am heading towards the right. I spend too much time being self-conscious, and it ruins the meditative nature of working out which brings me not only better stamina, but also better peace of mind.

So when my good friend started to push me to attend a spinning class with her, I hemmed and hawed and gave my usual excuses. “I hate classes,” and “I don’t do exercise bikes.” But she didn’t give up, so we made a date for one class on a Saturday morning.

When the morning arrived, I hoped for sun and good weather, so I could make an excuse to hit the trails rather than the gym, but no go. There was black ice everywhere, and that is when I am actually most likely to stay indoors.

I took my place on the spinning bike and tried to fight the negative thoughts in my head. The seat was terribly uncomfortable. The bike, even though it was a bit different than a standard exercise bike, was still a bike to nowhere.

But then the instructor took her place on the bike in front of the class and the music started – I fell in love.

Spinning class has everything I look for in a good run – there is room for me to mentally focus on the work-out, there is someone pushing me to go faster and work harder, there is music to help keep up the pace and even better, there is a big group of people fighting along side you.

Unlike a regular gym class, I didn’t have to remember a series of movements, I didn’t need to be concerned with not bumping into other people and staring at the weird jiggle my belly makes in the mirror. Instead I could focus on me and my workout.

After 75 minutes, I was exhausted, sweaty, and feeling incredible. And I was hooked.

So for all of you out there dreading the gym this winter and avoiding classes like the plague, take a chance on spinning. When you are back to hitting the pavement when the snow and ice melts, you will be right where you left off, or maybe even the slightest bit faster.

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