Strength Training at the Beach!

by Jessica B. | June 27th, 2013 | Lower Body, Strength Training

beachIt is summer, so why not combine your workouts with your summer getaway? Working out on the beach can give your it a little more umph and help you to build lower body strength in a way you cannot at home. Here are some tips for working out in the sand!

1) Go for a jog – Jogging on the beach takes great effort, and even if you are in great shape, you will be feeling your calves the next day. If you cannot jog, go for a long walk. You can leave your sneakers at home, as your feet will not take a beating if you are running on sand, and you will develop different foot muscles as well. If you are uncertain, you can always try and run a bit closer to the water line to prevent sand in your shoes.

2) Jumps – To build your calf muscles, you can do a series of jumps. Try combining jumping high, then a series of side-to-side jumps. Finish off with jumping on one leg and alternating. The lack of traction in the ground will help to build your leg muscles faster.

3) Beach volleyball – Playing a game of beach volleyball should combine a great workout of running and jumping to help build lower body strength. It is a great way to have fun. Meet up with a friend, or join a beach volleyball league.

4) Burpees – While these give a whole body workout, they are a great way to build lower body strength. You stand up and then lower your hands to the ground, move your legs back, do a push up and then climb up again.

5) Jumping jack combinations – If you get down to the beach early, try doing a series of jumping jacks. Try traditional jacks, followed by lateral jacks (stretch your arms in front of you), followed by squat jumps (start and finish in a squat), and then repeat the rotation. This is a great way to build cardio and leg muscles.

6) Climb in the sand – Get into a downward dog position and do a bit of a reverse bicycle; climb your legs forward in the sand. You can do this exercise standing still – moving your legs back after reaching your hands – or you can crab crawl across the beach.

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