Teen Fitness Expert: Easy Ways to Stay in Shape

by Sam P. | April 22nd, 2015 | Fitness Expert, Teen

Teen-fitness-expert_2Staying in shape is far easier than it may seem.  Plus, it can be fun!  With all the unhealthy habits there are out there, it may seem you are destined to be unhealthy, but it is quite easy to stay in shape.  There are many ways to do this, some of which are more vigorous that others.

Start off with eating healthier. That may seem difficult, but it isn’t.  Start with school, and always get the vegetable they offer, or if it is available, a salad.  Avoid getting sugary snacks like Poptarts and cereal bars.  Every once in a while a sugary snack is ok but avoid eating them every day.  Bring your own snack to school if it is too tempting, like carrots or whole wheat crackers.

Walk everywhere. It may seem difficult, but walk to as many places as possible.  Depending on where you live, this may be a harder feat than for others, so if you need you can bike.  Driving is acceptable for places that are crazy far away or in busy places where walking or biking wouldn’t be safe.  But if you are staying in your town or neighborhood, walk there.

Encourage your friends to go outside when you are with them. Whether you take the dog for a walk, play Frisbee, or go for a swim anything is better than sitting inside and playing video games or watching TV.  You can also make it into a competition with your friends.  Who can make the healthiest, but yummiest, meal, or who can walk more places in a week.

If you feel up to it, join a sports team. Start easy with a sport like track where there are multiple options for things for you to do.  Don’t dive head first into playing lacrosse or football, as the workouts may be too much for you.  If it is too late in the season for you to join, go to the gym if you need or just work out in your own house.  Do things like running, pilates, yoga, or interval training.  There are hundreds or thousands of workouts online if you can’t think of your own.  You can start simple too, do less reps or for less time.  You can also find a beginner workout if you need.  Take breaks as you need them and drink plenty of water.

Eventually you will be playing three varsity sports a year, or running five miles a day.  Just take your time and stay motivated.  Don’t expect to see results instantly, they take up to twelve weeks to be truly visible.

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