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Staying Fit in the Summer with Friends

by Sam P. June 24th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Teen

Staying fit this summer is way easier than it seems.  Of course, everyone is far more active in the summer, but the summer also makes being fit fun.  I mean, no one wants to go outside in the winter and run around with

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Stay Healthy at The Beach

by Sam P. May 27th, 2015| Fitness Expert, Teen

The weather is getting warmer, which means staying fit is even easier now.  Of course you can do normal things, like running outside and whatnot, but there are even better ways to take advantage of the weather.  One of my favorite places to


Teen Fitness Expert: Easy Ways to Stay in Shape

by Sam P. April 22nd, 2015| Fitness Expert, Teen
Staying in shape is far easier than it may seem.  Plus, it can be fun!  With all the unhealthy habits there are out there, it may seem you are destined to be unhealthy, but it is quite easy to stay in shape.  There are many ways to do this, some

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