The Benefits of Buying Organic Products

by James Maynard | November 8th, 2013 | Video

produceA growing number of people are eating organic food these days, and with good reasons. People who are not familiar with the benefits of eating organic products may wonder what the reasons are behind the movement. In this video, we learn some of the health benefits of organic foods. This video also tells the best reason to eat organic, but it may not be what you think! We also learn about some of the challenges of buying organic foods and how to work around them. A food many believe is full of pesticides is not – watch this video to learn which one!


(Photo courtesy of Enrico Maria)

  1. Jess James says:

    I have always tried to eat organic and its for the fact that they contain such a degree of chemicals that I don’t like to buy conventional grown food. Its actually scary what crops are actually contaminated.

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