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The Yoga Lifestyle

by James Maynard March 28th, 2014| Video
Yoga can be a small exercise routine, or it can become a who lifestyle, becoming a new aspect of your everyday life. Many people use the lessons they learn from yoga to help them cope with everyday stress, as well as providing toning and firming exercise, making you look
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Finally! My Boat Pose Comes In!

by James Maynard March 21st, 2014| Video
The boat pose, or Navasana, is one position in Ashtanga yoga to build core strength. If one of your goals in yoga is to trim your tummy, this is one movie you are going to want to learn. It can also help build strength around your midriff, bringing definition
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Shoulder Use in Downward-Facing Dog

by James Maynard March 14th, 2014| Video
Downward-facing dog is one of the most basic moves in yoga, and one of the positions most often used during a typical yoga session. For those new to the practice, it is one of the first moves you will be taught. This position is easy to learn, but proper
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Open Hips Sink Pounds

by James Maynard March 7th, 2014| Video
Ashtanga yoga is one of the most popular schools of the practice, and millions of people take part in the study around the world. Baddha Konasana is a regular position in this school of yoga. This position allows to to open your hips, giving you an opportunity yo use
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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Explained

by James Maynard February 28th, 2014| Video
Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is one of the many schools of practice within the ancient practice. While proponents of yoga agree the study provides physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, practioners have differing opinions regarding methods. In this video, we learn about Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, which means “eight-limbed.” We learn a
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Is Yoga for You-ga?

by James Maynard February 21st, 2014| Video
Yoga is practiced by millions of people around the world as a way to help stay fit, as well as reduce stress and cope with other challenges in day-to-day life. Many people have looked into the practice, and may be wondering if yoga is a good option for them.
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When a Pain in the Back Goes South

by James Maynard February 14th, 2014| Video
Everyone who works out is going to feel discomfort from time to time, and even occasional pain. Back pain is especially common among people trying to stay fit. However, when pain gets to be too serious, you should immediately seek care from a medical professional. The challenge is in
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Get in Shape? There’s an App for That…

by James Maynard February 7th, 2014| Video
Getting in shape and sticking to your exercise routine seems like the kind of activity that would be perfect to manage on a phone. Your favorite electronic device will not only always remember when you should exercise, but it won't lack motivation to tell you, even when your get-up-and-go
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Don’t Stress Over Stress

by James Maynard January 24th, 2014| Video
Stress and dieting – it is a dangerous combination. Most people know how stress can add to weight gain. Yet, most of us need to work, take care of the kids and the house, and much more. We simply can't take time out of our daily lives to reduce
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Don’t Sleep Through This Video!

by James Maynard January 17th, 2014| Video
Getting proper sleep is one of the best things you can do to help your health, lose weight and live a long life. A good night's sleep helps your workout routine, and reduces stress levels, which can lead to weight gain. But, everyone has trouble falling asleep once in
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Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating

by James Maynard January 10th, 2014| Video
Helping your child avoid eating disorders when they are young can help provide them with great health throughout their life. It is important to help your child lead a healthy, long active life. But, this can be hard to do in the days of junk food and quick meals,
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Fiber for Women

by James Maynard January 3rd, 2014| Video
Fiber is one of the most-important qualities a woman should look for in foods. A regular diet containing the correct amounts of the right types of fiber is essential to regulating digestion. In this video, we learn about some of the reasons fiber is so vital to the good

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