The Benefits of Exercising as a Family

by Angela Yorke | January 16th, 2012 | Family Fitness

Everyone knows that leading an active lifestyle is more than just to look good in photos. Exercising is a means of achieving better health, which is something many families have become aware of, and because of which, have started exercising together.

If you have a family fitness routine, it means that you will spend time with your family regularly. The problem of not spending enough (quality) time with your loved ones soon becomes a thing of the past. It’s also a better way to spend time with each other compared to passive activities such as watching TV, which does not leave one feeling rejuvenated; you feel fatigued after a 3-hour movie marathon.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of exercising regularly with your loved ones, having a family exercise plan also enables a family to try out new activities together and enrich their lives. Imagine this: if my brother had not been so insistent on out family playing paintball, my mother would never have discovered that she is uncannily accurate at hitting whatever she aims at!

Having a shared interest helps to forge stronger family bonds, the effect of which tends to be transferred to other activities and avenues in our lives, such as work or school. Similarly, a family workout can help put a bad day at the office into proper perspective.

Another benefit from working out with the family is that you have your own cheerleading squad. Unless a family is severely dysfunctional, each person would encourage another, who might be on the brink of giving up, into persevering with an activity and have fun while doing so, increasing the sense of achievement afterwards. If you don’t perform as well as you hoped to, you can usually count on your family to provide much needed encouragement.

Exercising together can also make a workout seem easier if you are new to exercise. This might be because people tend to feel safer and more at ease in a group when trying out something new. Thus, working out regularly with your family can actually cement your commitment toward fitness.

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