The Drop 10 Diet

by Kimberly Hays | December 22nd, 2021 | Diet Plans, Diet Strategy

apple scales (1280x954)The Drop 10 Diet was developed around superfoods that help you lose weight by keeping calories from holding on. Superfoods that are those that are high in nutrition and full of fiber, there are also some tips to keep you on track while eating superfoods that are fairly simple to do, and are easy to include in anyone’s lifestyle. You can go over a list on WebMD by clicking here. After you choose the superfoods that you like best, read up on these additional tips for this diet to help you lose 10 pounds in five weeks, even if it is that last 10 pounds that have been stubborn in coming off.

Plating Food – When we are served a plate of food we naturally by nature try to eat the whole meal. This can also happen when we fix our own plate at home. The key here is to have portion control. Using a smaller plate is one way to lower the portion amounts because there will not be as much room on the plate. A study showed that when people were given a larger plate, they would consume up to 500 more calories.

Coping With Stress – So many of us are emotional eaters, and this makes us over ten times more likely to become obese. Find a new way to cope with stress other than eating. Meditation, breathing exercises, a walk, or a friend who will let you vent are great options.

Prepare Your Food – Going out to eat occasionally is fine, but the rest of the time prepare your own meals so you know exactly what you are eating. Also pack a lunch to take to work by making it the night before while you are cleaning up the leftovers from dinner.

Shop Early – Make your grocery list in advance instead of waiting until the last minute or winging it when you get to the grocery store. Plan your meals out so you know exactly what superfoods you will need.

Rearrange Food – Instead of hiding your vegetables and fruits in the crisper drawers, bring all of these healthy foods up to the main area of the fridge so that is what your eyes see when you open the refrigerator. You will be more apt to grab an apple if it is visible. Do the same in your cabinets by storing healthy nuts in front instead of fatty chips.

Clean Your Closet – As you lose weight, get rid of anything that is too big. If you hold onto what many of us call our “fat clothes” we are not in the mindset that we are going to keep the weight off, and that is setting us up for disaster.

Weigh Yourself – To keep your weight in check, you should weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day. Also be sure you weigh yourself without clothes. You gain weight one pound at a time, and you will be able to catch a few pounds and get them off instead of all the sudden realizing you have gain 10 pounds.

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