The Unrealized Problem

by Chang Song | February 8th, 2011 | Eating Tips

People in America have realized that obesity is a big problem in the states. Many have become obsessed with working out to avoid that problem, and that obsession has became a problem in its own right. A big problem coming from the obsession of losing weight is eating disorders. But wait, that is not the biggest problem. To me, the biggest problem is the lack of attention paid to the diseases that are eating disorders.

The thing is, when we realized there was a problem with obesity, we put up all kinds of ads and special programs to raise awareness about it. But now, we fail to recognize the fact that on that opposite end of spectrum, there is clearly a problem with eating disorders.There are over eight million people in the United States who have an eating disorder, according to United States Department of Mental Health. The problem is as big an elephant in the room, but it is not mentioned nearly as much. I mean, sure, you will see a celebrity model would come out to reveal her problem with anorexia in public from time to time, but it is not known in public as big of a problem as the problem of obesity.

We have proposed many new plans to try to solve the problem of obesity, and we need to do the same for eating disorders. First of all, everyone that has an eating order needs to confront the problem. We can’t solve any problem without first realizing the problem. Victims of eating disorders should also take action to get professional help because this isn’t like a common cold, it is a serious problem in which victims might have a strong urge to binge or starve at any time. It is like a bad addiction. In addition, they should get support from family, because family can help you focus on eating regularly again. The key is to eat healthy food and avoid the junk stuff, which will help you to move on from the pain of eating disorder.

To truly solve the problems of eating disorders and obesity is to raise awareness in the public. We already made up one half of that bargain by advocating for a thinner America, so why stop there?

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