Three Reasons Your Workout isn’t Giving You the Abs You Want

by Editorial Team | July 7th, 2015 | Core, Strength Training

abs (400x400)Getting great abs is one of the fitness goals of a great many men and women, but it’s not always that easy. It comes naturally to some, and is more difficult to others, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ever impossible; you just have to work hard. You need to understand your body and make sure you’re adapting your lifestyle to ensure you give yourself a chance. If you think you are putting in the hours, but not seeing any results, then you may find one of the areas below useful for you.

You’re Concentrating Solely On Your Abs

You need to have a varied workout to get the best results. Muscles need time to recover. Doing ab training 7 times a week won’ benefit you as much as a planned workout. Ab muscles also need low fat around the abdominal area otherwise they won’t show. This means high cardio training should accompany any effort to get better abs. So make sure that you’re doing complete body workouts to bring down your body fat all over. This will help to reveal those abdominal muscles that you’ve been working so hard on. Use a comprehensive programme like Superbody Fitness to make sure that you’re covering all bases.


Rest is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Some trainers go as far as saying its 20% training, 80% lifestyle. This means focusing more on sleep and a good diet will help you massively. It’s during this period of repair that they actually increase in size, so it always makes sense to give yourself set days with the proper rest. Getting the abs you want is a lifestyle decision as your diet will become a real focus for you.

Your Training isn’t varied enough

Getting great abs doesn’t mean doing one ab workout every time. There are so many exercises that target that area so make sure you keep your workouts varied. Simply doing crunches will not work out all of the muscles around and below your six pack, so you need to vary the exercises that you do in order to make it c

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