Top Tips For Beginners To Build Massive Shoulders

by Editorial Team | February 10th, 2017 | Strength Training

Are you a little confused on where to start to create huge and proportionate shoulders?

Well, you’ll be glad to hear you’re going to learn the top tips that beginner bodybuilders can use when trying to achieve massive shoulders!

How To Structure Your Workouts

  1. Starting the session with a heavy exercise is vital for beginners. It’s where the muscle mass comes from; therefore, they should be prioritised. Go with some type of pressing exercise
  2. Side delts – Choose dumbbells for now, but you can select cables, too
  3. For the rear delts, choose a cable crossover or reverse peck-deck. The rear delts can be stimulated far better, particularly for beginners
  4. To finish up, throw in some dumbbell front raises

You’ve got the outline now, so let’s take a look at the details.

Your Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Press:

  • Do three warm-up sets followed by four working ones
  • Avoid locking the elbows. Instead, go up as far as you can before they lock for the utmost tension
  • Complete four challenging sets of eight reps, but always stay a couple reps away from failure

For all other movements, complete some warm-up sets if you feel like you need to.

Lateral Raises:

  • Keep it light and control the weight
  • On the way up, twist your pinkies up for a superior contraction
  • Lower the weight back down slowly and repeat 12-15 times for four sets

Rear Delts:

  • Keep elbows bent a little
  • Concentrate on squeezing the targeted muscle – think about touching the walls at either side of you
  • Again, keep the weight fairly light with four sets

Front Raises:

  • Begin with the weight in front
  • Lift it to shoulder height and go slow on the negative
  • Having the dumbbells in front of you will ensure the most tension on the front delt

Key Pointers

Minimise cheating and swinging…

All too often, I see beginners in the gym just moving weight, but not making any advancements. I urge you to train smarter. The outcomes you’re looking for will come quicker and you won’t injure yourself.

Momentum and more weight may be good for your ego, but that’s about it. Also, if you’re looking for something to boost your results, take a look at this website to buy steroids online.

Try these suggestions out in your next shoulder workout!

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