Updated Workout Wear

by Kimberly Hays | June 24th, 2013 | Exercise Wear

workout clothesWorkout wear trends seem to be changing as quickly as high fashion trends. No longer are the old tee shirts and baggy shorts the uniform in the gym. With sports apparel having become a $30 billion dollar a year industry, you can count on the fact that there will continue to be new and fast changing trends coming out. The designers of the new workout wear are listening to consumers. They know that we do not want anything that will be uncomfortable, or that we will have to pull on, while working out. Here a few new trends that you may not have yet heard about, but they are well worth looking into.

Antimicrobial Workout Wear – A big issue in gym locker rooms is the threat of staph infections. Because of this health threat, manufacturers have developed lines that inhibit the growth of bacteria. One way in which they are able to accomplish this is by adding silver to the threads used in making the garments. Bacteria cannot defend itself from silver. For now, this technology is used mostly for socks and underwear, but keep an eye out for more options in apparel to be introduced soon.

Green Gear – With our eco-conscious society, people are looking for more green options. Fitness apparel companies are scrambling to keep up with the demands, and are developing new fabrics to meet these demands. There is clothing now available made from coconut shells, aloe, bamboo, and soy. These fabrics are soft, comfortable, and durable, so many people are willing to pay a little bit more to buy the green apparel.

Double Duty Clothing – Everyone is so busy these days. Having to rush from the dry cleaners, off to the gym, and then a stop at the grocery store, not to mention picking up the kids from all of the activities they are involved in; therefore, we love clothes that can pull double duty. You can now find outfits that are comfortable, yet stylish, that you can do everything in. Workout apparel now has zippers and pockets to keep everything handy, and also fashionable details. There are work out pants that can be unzipped at the legs that can become shorts, as well as jackets that have removable sleeves. The designers have even included Velcro pouches to stash your iPod securely. This clothing is so comfortable, and it keeps you on track to work out because you are already dressed to hit the gym.

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