Upper Body Work Out: Stability Ball

by Jessica B. | February 13th, 2012 | Exercises

It’s time to dig out your stability ball from the back of the closet, give it a few extra puffs of air, and take it out for a test drive. Here are examples of a few simple exercises you can do with a stability ball to help you build and maintain your upper body strength.

What you need:

A stability ball

Weights – for different presses

1) Chest-press on exercise ball – Lie with your back on the stability ball and your feet on the floor. Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle. Hold a weight or dumbbell in each hand. Make sure you maintain your stability. Press your weights upwards into the air. Keep the timing right, so neither arm reaches up faster than the other. Now bring the weights down slowly, count to five as you do so. Remember much of the resistance comes with this downwards movement.

2) Stability ball push-ups (easy version) – Rest your feet on the ball and stretch your arms and body forward. You should be in a plank position. Lower your body towards the ground and make sure your elbows bend at a 90 degree angle. Hold at the bottom for a few seconds and then raise yourself up slowly. Hold at the top for a few seconds and then lower again. Repeat until you are tired.

3) Stability ball push-ups (hard version) – Rest your feet on the floor and place your hands on the stability ball. Lower your body slowly while maintaining your balance on the stability ball. The difficulty here is in maintaining the balance of the ball while holding your own weight. It might take you a moment to find the balancing point. Make sure to lower slowly and plant your feet firmly. Do as many reps as you can.

4) Arm extension stretch – It is always good to end with a stretch. Sit on your stability ball, knees bent at 90 degrees and feet planted at hip distance apart. Reach your right arm up slowly next to your ear. Lean your body to the left side, creating a slight arc in your side. Hold for a few seconds and breathe deeply. Now lower your arm so you are reaching straight in front of you. Stretch your arm across the front of your body. You can use your left hand to push your right arm a little more to the side if necessary. Repeat this exercise with the left side. Repeat if you are feeling a little tense.

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