Why exercise in the water?

by Bea | October 5th, 2010 | Exercises

One of the best alternative workouts that you can do for your body is to do exercises in the water. Pool workouts can be some of the best workouts out there and they allow for training with minimal impact on the body. Many people with injuries, even serious ones such as stress fractures, are often able to continue their exercising by working out in a pool because of this minimal amount of impact.

Training in the water does have a therapeutic effect on the body and on the mind as well. Pool exercising does not create for any less work for you, and you still have to work hard. However, what the pool does provide is buoyancy so that the weight of your body can be unloaded and used for resistance. The resistance is what is key to your training. Pool exercising is going to burn calories; for those of you who think but I don’t even sweat!,  you might not notice it, but you probably still sweat when you are in the water! A strenuous water workout can result in you burning several hundreds of calories. Pool exercising is also good for you because it is easy on the joints and it can help to reduce back pain. It also strengthens your core; if you do the right exercises, you can put yourself through a full body conditioning session.

There are many different types of water workouts and the majority of them are fun, but still effective. The workouts are typically used by athletes, rehabilitation patients, overweight individuals, or sometimes even for children. Many sports teams require their athletes to spend their “off days” in the pool because it is good for their bodies and it is still a workout.

Because of its increasing popularity, many other types of physical activities have created their own “pool form” of it.  Some of these include running, plyometrics, and yoga. Pool exercising is a great way to treat your body to a healthy workout, so definitely check yourself into your local pool and if you do not know what to do, check out a class or two that is being offered!

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