Wind Down the Day with a Little Stretch

by MPK | October 24th, 2014 | Mind & Body

holistic tips 1During the warm days of late spring, summer, and early fall, I try to add a short evening walk to my schedule a few times a week.  This isn’t done as a cardio workout but rather as a way to switch from the busy pace of work to the (hopefully) relaxing part of the evening with my family.

However, as the weather becomes colder, the walks become less enjoyable, but I still seek a way to unwind. What I have found is that a short pilates or yoga routine makes a fine replacement.  There are a few key tips to these mini workouts-

  1. Find a routine that is no longer than 20 minutes. This is meant to be a quick way to unwind as your day ends.
  2. Once you’ve found a routine that you like, find others. Doing the same set of exercises everyday is likely to become boring.
  3. Wear something comfortable, even pjs. You’re not aiming to get sweaty, just to stretch and breathe.
  4. Set a goal number for the week- two to four is preferable. Don’t stress that you need to do this nightly, just enough to add a little time for you during the week.

These pilates and yoga routines can be found in exercise channels through cable or Roku or online.


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