5 Water Bottles for Your Next Long Run

by Jessica B. | May 21st, 2015 | Accessories, Exercise Equipment

water bottles (400x400)Spring is here, and now that I’ve been running for a while, my distances are really starting to add up. The problem is that as temperatures rise, I also need to drink more water. So that means I need to have some helpful system for carrying around water. Running with a metal water bottle in hand is just not really comfortable. Here are a few of the solutions my running partner and I have tried. What water system do you like to run with?

1) Water bottle belt – This is a classic, and it is still used for a reason. It is an easy and comfortable solution. The advantage of the water belt is that you have your small jugs of water equally distributed around your waist, and thus you are not weighed down. This is really useful as water does get heavy after a while.

2) Camelbak – These handy little backpacks are comfortable and can carry more water than a water bottle belt, but they can also make you sweat more, thus cancelling out their efficiency. I also find them to be a bit too much when going on an 8 mile run. I do need extra water, but I don’t need to run around with a quart or more of water on most days.

3) Hydropocket Sports Bra – I have to admit, I bought this mostly because I think it is super cool. It is a great way to incorporate a new function into a workout necessity. The only problem is that I typically wear a tight shirt while running, and the water bottle is clunky and hard to remove. If I felt comfortable enough wearing just a bra while running then I would think this is a brilliant solution.  There is another variety that allows you to pack small packets in front, but I can imagine this would only look really weird. You could always revamp the Wine bra with water, and then you just have a straw that comes out the side.

4) Water bottle vest – A vest can be useful because it lets you balance out your water so you are carrying a bit on both sides of your body. That said, it also means more discomfort because there is more of your body covered. If you don’t find chafing to be a problem, this is a handy solution if you like to hydrate a great deal on a run.

5) Wrist water bottle – These handy little water bottles are small, but lightweight. You wear them just as you would a wrist weight. I enjoy them mostly because I think they also help improve my arm strength while I run and enhance my workout.

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