A Fitting Way to Eat

by Chang Song | January 11th, 2011 | Eating Tips

For many people in the United States, it is very difficult to exercise on a daily basis or even on a fairly consistent basis. It is even more difficult for many to plan a healthy diet around an exercise regimen. Isn’t that why obesity is such a big problem in the States? The fact is that in order for many to become truly healthy, they need to exercise on a fairly consistent basis, and they also need to have a very healthy diet to go along with their exercise regimen. Now, the most important part of steady exercise and good diet is, believe it or not, what you should eat before and after you exercise.

The thing that can hamper everybody’s exercise regimen is not eating properly before a workout. It is very common, and this theory has beaten to death that eating too much food can cause people to have a less than adequate workout and other undesired effects like nausea and vomiting. Additionally, if you don’t eat at all before a workout, you can be easily become unmotivated. So it is important to eat the right way before exercising to maximize your workout’s benefits.

First of all, everyone needs to avoid those fatty meals before going to a workout because those who are trying to workout after consuming a Quad-Stacker from Burger King are not going to look very good in their workouts. Secondly, meals should be moderate in protein and just enough to satisfy hunger so a buffet meal before a workout is not the best way to go.

It is also important what you eat after an intense workout. Usually, the most precious time after a workout is the initial two hours after your workout. It is a time where many can relax, and it is when people can rebuild their tissues damaged in the workouts. A post-workout meal should include food rich in carbohydrates because we tend to lose some of it during working out, it only makes sense to get it back during the post-workout meal. In addition, protein is very important as it can help you to recover from your workout quickly.

Lastly, water is a key part of surviving not just workouts but life as well, so drink plenty of water to help you recover from the tissues that you have damaged during the workouts.

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