A Fun Today and A Healthier Tomorrow

by Chang Song | March 15th, 2011 | Sports

While many Americans spend a fortune buying expensive training equipments and dietary supplements, and paying outrageous fees for gym memberships, many of them don’t actually enjoy the experience of working out and getting fit. Now, the thought of that defies logic: why would anyone do anything or, especially, buy products that he or she is not going to enjoy? Well, getting fit doesn’t have to be so unenjoyable if you replace your workout regimen with tennis.

The benefits of using tennis as a form of exercise are endless. First of all, tennis is ranked as one of the top five activities that burn the most calories in a hour (according to a report in Consumer Reports last year). In fact, if you play tennis for a hour you will have burned more calories than someone who has spent the same amount of time jogging, using a rowing machine, or doing yoga. That’s not the only basic benefit of tennis. Think about this: while many people buy expensive training equipment to improve every part of their bodies, they don’t know that all they really need are a tennis racket and ball because there isn’t a workout that tests and strengthens every part of your body like the sport of tennis.

First off, playing tennis can help sharpen your mind, as it help to tone your body. When the tennis ball is struck sharply, you have to react and respond quickly. This helps to keep the mind sharp and young. Also, tennis helps to tone your arms and legs, as it helps you to work your biceps, triceps, forearms, calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Tennis has also been known to be a big help for flexibility.  Additionally, tennis’ most important benefit is in the heart. Tennis can improve heart activity and lower the risk of heart disease.

While the benefits are well known, the sheer fun of playing the game of tennis is what makes this sport so great. It is a sport in which you can meet all types of people on the court. It is a sport that you can take your family out to play and connect with your kids. It is the perfect opportunity to make the family memories that you’ve always wanted. Plus, the sport is good because it is accessible. It is cheap to buy a racket and some tennis balls, and it is easy to find a court. Plus, it is an easy game for everyone to pick up. It is for all ages, no one is too young or too old.

Tennis is the perfect fitness workout as it  gives everyone involved both a fun today and a healthier tomorrow.

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