A Gentleman’s Game

by Chang Song | February 15th, 2011 | Sports

When we think about exercise, we usually think of running and lifting weights. We rarely think of walking as a part of exercising, or at least most of us don’t. When we think about sports to take on as an alternative to fitness programs, we usually think about flag football, soccer, and basketball. We never think about golf as a sport to take on because it is relatively slow and the fact that there is sure a lot of walking done in the sport, which to some of us is not exercise. However, golf is one of the most popular sports that the regular Joe can take on, especially for the elders. To get your game in top shape, try using one of the Best Golf Simulators.

I can sense the criticism, I can hear the complaints now: first of all, golf is not a sport and secondly, golf is a very debatable form of exercise.  You can complain all you want but the walking aspect of golf is actually a very acceptable form of exercise. Golf is both a sport and a very good exercise tool; otherwise golf would not be one of the most played sports and the game would not be on the major networks every year.

The walking part of golf can be more beneficial than anyone thought. According to the health experts at Harvard University, if you play three rounds of golf (which is a total of 54 holes), you will get the optimal amount of exercise for your heart. Plus, if you were willing to forgo the expensive hourly wage to hire a caddy and avoid that outrageous tip, dragging and carrying your own golf clubs can burn more calories and you will benefit even more.

While many other sports all carry some risk when playing, golf is a safe sport. Golf is a sport which is relatively easy on the joints and will keep them very strong and more resistant to fractures. Also, the sport of golf is very good for your mind. It is a very peaceful sport and you can enjoy your beautiful surroundings while trying to playing your best game.

The cost of taking up golf as a sport is relatively cheap, but the cost of getting a good score is quite costly with all the lessons it takes to become a good golfer.

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