A Short Guide on How to Rid Yourself of Belly Fat

by Editorial Team | July 24th, 2017 | Exercises, Healthy Eating

Medically known as visceral fat, belly fat is different from other types of fat, as it is stored around the internal organs of the body. Furthermore, this type of fat is particularly difficult for the body to metabolise, and thus it can be the cause of a plethora of health problems.

Fortunately, research over the years has led to the discovery of different methods to help rid our bodies of unhealthy belly fat. Scientists and nutritionists have found that visceral fat can be removed through exercise, dieting, and some simple precautions. This article will explore these methods of ridding yourself of this stubborn fat.

Controlling Your Food – What to Eat and What Not to Eat

Research has linked nutrition to many health benefits, including fighting illnesses, correcting physical disorders, and aiding weight-loss. Thus, it should come as no surprise that restricting one’s food consumption can help to get rid of belly fat.

While it may seem ironic, healthy fats are great for burning off fat from your mid-section. Unsaturated fats are the body’s primary source of energy and are considered to be ‘fuel’ for burning calories. Dietary fats facilitate the absorption and processing of nutrients, which empties fat deposits from around the body, such as the stomach. Moreover, the body takes time to digest fats, which leaves the person feeling full for longer periods of time. This reduces a person’s food intake, quelling any urges to binge-eat. Healthy fats ideal for losing belly-fat include; avocados, nuts, healthy oils, and substances rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon.

Dairy products also help beat belly-fat, as they provide the body with an adequate supply of calcium. Low calcium levels cause a hormone within the body to signal your system to store visceral fats, and thus eating a healthy portion of yogurt or drinking milk in the mornings can help cut down your mid-section.

Nutritionists also advise people who want to lose weight to consume fluids that help boost their metabolism. Green tea is a prime example of such a fluid – research has shown that it is successful both in detoxing the body and boosting the metabolic rate. Alternatively, you can achat anabolisant en muscles.com.

Exercise – Which Kind and How Often

Exercise is another helpful tool for beating belly fat. Research has found that an effective way to tackle visceral fat is through full-body workouts. These exercises decrease body-fat overall, and belly-fat is usually quick to go.

Scientists have found that cardiovascular exercise coupled with strength-training is the best method to beat visceral fat and other unwanted fat which plagues the body. Thus, personal trainers and exercise enthusiasts advise people looking to burn belly fat to perform weight-lifting before carrying out cardiovascular exercises. High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) has also become a popular method of exercise for those looking to burn fat. In this workout, exercisers perform vigorous exercises for short periods of time, which burns a maximum amount of body fat.

Exercise should be carried out regularly and in reasonable doses. Three times a week is an ample amount of exercise to burn body fat and keep your metabolism healthy.

Although exercise and dieting are successful in ridding people of belly fat on their own, scientists stress that adopting both approaches together produces the best weight-loss results.

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