Advantages of Compression Shorts

by Kimberly Hays | April 1st, 2013 | Exercise Wear

hot pantsCompression shorts are snug fitting shorts that are used mainly by athletes, but they are becoming popular with those who work out regularly, and even with mothers who have recently given birth to help get their abdominal muscles. Usually made of spandex, they are not worn to be fashionable, but there are several companies coming out with newer styles, and with color options besides basic black. They are said to enhance circulation and oxygen flow in the body when worn, as well as hold the muscles in to firm and tone.

A top advantage according to many athletes is that the compression shorts keep sweat away from the body. They wick the excess sweat away from the body which reduces rashes and chaffing. The thighs rub together during exercise; compression shorts alleviates this issue which also lessens rashes from friction.

Some also claim that the shorts give them increased energy. Because of the compression, the muscles are held in place, as well as the hamstring, which is a commonly pulled area. The shorts hold the areas with consistent firmness, and athletes feel that their energy is not depleted through extra motion. Many feel like they are able to work out longer when wearing compression shorts.

The shorts also help to relieve pain in those with back and sciatica issues. The compression of the nerve running down the thigh (sciatic) is relieved due to the light pressure that lowers the strain on this susceptible nerve.

They also offer core stability by holding in the pelvic floor muscles, which will improve tone, even when simply wearing them while doing day to day activities. This is why they are popular among women who have recently given birth or after hysterectomies, because they help these muscles recover more quickly. They are often suggested by gynecologists and obstetricians for this reason.

The only caution is to be sure that when you purchase compression shorts that you buy the right size. They should be snug, but not restricting. They should be supportive in the cup area for men, and offer groin support for women, but they should not be so tight where they can actually restrict blood flow which would undermine the advantages of wearing them, and may cause a new set of issues.

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