Arm Workout During a Walk

by Bea | January 11th, 2013 | Cardio, Walking

walkIf you are using walking as a form of cardio, you might also want to start to incorporate arm workouts as well. There are many ways to incorporate both a cardio workout and an arm toning workout while you walk. You do not have to do those workouts that involve using park benches for push-ups or something like that, you can do the workout while doing your walking workout.

To start, warm up by making slow arm circles. Circle your arm in each direction about 3-5 times. Get your arms nice and loose and ready to go for the exercise. Now start start your walk. It might get a little difficult to coordinate all of these moves together while walking intensely, but it is possible! It just takes a bit of practice.

One of the moves you can do is the upright row. To do this, make fists with your hands and start with your hands near your hips. From there, bring your firsts up to your armpits (travel alongside your torso). Then, squeeze your shoulder blades and upper-back muscles. Try to do 25 of these, but remember to focus on your walk as well! Another exercise that you can do is the chest press. To do this, continue to hold your hands in a first. Bring you arms straight down by your side and rotate your palms forward. Now lift your arms in front of you, about shoulder height. Keep your palms up, but squeeze your chest.

Another move you can do is the lateral press. Continue to keep your hands in a fist. You then raise your elbows out to your sides and keep them at shoulder height. Bring your fists to your armpits. Then, bring your fists out until they are perpendicular with the ground. Now, you can extend your arms straight out to your sides. Your palms should be facing back.

It might feel awkward to do these moves while you workout, but they are very doable, and they allow for some change in your walking routine!

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