Avoiding Diet Disaster During the Holidays

by Carlo Celotti | December 7th, 2011 | Fitness Expert

Although, ’tis the season for holiday parties and excess consumption of stuff that “just ain’t good for you,” you don’t have to fall into this trap. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the holiday season with as little expansion of your waistline as possible.

First is to pre-eat. By this I mean, that if you have a party you’re going to be attending, and especially if you know that there will be food there (which you shouldn’t be eating a lot of) eat a light meal of nutritious food before you go. This way you won’t be as hungry, and you’ll have better willpower to only pick one cookie instead of five. Vegetables are great for this, since they have plenty of fiber and are very filling.

Second is to have one FULL glass of water for every serving of alcohol. So with every alcoholic drink you have, have a full glass of water after it, and before your next serving of alcohol. This will not only help you to drink less alcohol, but it will also help to keep you hydrated and reduce the dreaded hangover symptoms the next morning.

Third is to get in some extra exercise. If you’re going to be consuming extra calories, then you’d better be burning extra too. This can be way easier then you’d first think. While you’re shopping for gifts, do a lap around the mall before you enter a store. Not only will you get in some extra activity, but you’ll get to see all the options before you commit to one. Also, you can park further away from the mall entrance than what you normally would (you may not have an option during this season), so you’ll be forced to walk a bit extra. Of course, making sure that you get to the gym, and not skipping your workout, is always the best option.

Finally, if you’re hosting a party, make sure that you have more healthy options available than unhealthy ones. You’ll be doing yourself a favor, as well as your guests.

Being good with your diet over the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to deny yourself any fun. You just have to understand how much you can have before you start doing some serious damage to your waistline. So enjoy the holidays, but just be smart about it.

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