Backyard Sensation

by Chang Song | May 13th, 2011 | Sports

It used to be only a game played with dogs and friends. Now Ultimate Frisbee has grown in prominence. One reason it grew from a game in the backyard to intense leagues in the park is the fitness benefits it offers.

For those who don’t know, Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport that includes two teams of seven players on each team. It is played with a frisbee disc, and the object of the game is to send the disc into a goal by passing it to a teammate who is standing inside the endzone. It is similar to football in the way that players score, but the similarities stop there. One difference, besides lack of physical contact, is that every player on the team can catch the Frisbee. Like any other sports competition, the team that scores the most goals by the end of the game is the winner. The game usually ends at 15 points.

Playing a sport like Ultimate Frisbee can be very fun, but it can also help you get the healthy body you desire. First of all, if the frisbee throws and passes are executed the correct way, your arms will get a pretty good workout. Your legs will also get a workout since running is such a big part of the game. Finally, because you are on the move, the game will help you with your circulation.

All you need is a disc, a large grassy area, and friends to enjoy all the fitness benefits of Ultimate Frisbee.



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