Benefits and Risks of Vaginoplasty

by Editorial Team | February 3rd, 2015 | Mind & Body

rsz_stethoscope_3Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure where the walls and the opening of the vagina are tightened to combat the loss of tone and firmness of the area due to changes in the body. The minor surgery is becoming more and more popular thanks to doctors and clinics like David Ghozland, M.D., Inc. in Los Angeles, California. The procedure is usually an outpatient procedure with minimal risks and a number of benefits.

This reconstructive surgery, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is used by women who are looking to improve the strength of their vaginal walls and help regain muscle control and even sensation that may have been lost due to childbirth issues, hormonal changes, and general aging. These issues can all cause a loss of firmness that can cause discomfort, displeasure during intercourse, and an overall lack of femininity.

Reversing the Aging Process

You do moderate exercise and may even take medicine or supplements to keep your body healthy and keep the aging process at bay. Vaginoplasty can be another weapon to fight the effects of aging. The procedure can repair damage done by time and the hormonal changes that come with age. Sagging skin can be removed along with excess fat and, most importantly, stretched out muscles can be tightened. Women have to deal with a number of changing factors as they age including shifts in their weight, loss of elasticity in their skin, hot flashes, and similar things that are hard to rectify. Vaginoplasty gives women back some of the control when it comes to the aging process so they can at least feel younger.

Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Body

Another benefit of vaginoplasty is comfort. Sometimes, when the vagina loses muscle tone it can cause friction. This friction can be uncomfortable at best and can even be painful in some of the worst cases. Since every case is different your surgeon will most likely tailor your surgery to your specific needs and to the specific contours of your body.

Besides helping with your physical comfort, vaginoplasty can also help restore your confidence and allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin again. When women suffer from a loss of strength in the vaginal walls they may feel like she’s less of a woman or that she is broken in some way. This can cause a lack of confidence in her sexuality and in herself in general. Once restored through a vaginal rejuvenation surgery, you may feel better about yourself and more confident in your relationship.

Increase Pleasure and Sensitivity

There are also benefits regarding sexual satisfaction. This is sometimes hard to talk about since it’s a sensitive topic that may be considered taboo but if you’re suffering from loose vaginal walls you may also be experiencing a lack of sensitivity in the tissue. This can lead to displeasure during intercourse, especially if you have pain that is associated with the weak muscles.

Vaginoplasty can restore sensation to the vaginal tissues and help you enjoy intercourse again. By strengthening the loose muscles you’ll be more responsive to intercourse. Your partner will also feel the difference from the surgery which can help improve your relationship.

Risks of Vaginoplasty

While the benefits of vaginoplasty are known there are also some risks that you may want to consider before committing to the surgery. The risks, however, are similar to the risks involved in any surgery. They include excess bleeding, unsightly scarring, and infection. Surgeons do their best to minimise these risks. Bleeding is usually controlled during surgery so your blood loss is kept to a minimum. There are also laser surgeries that can be almost bloodless. When the surgery is done properly and isn’t rushed scarring is usually non-existent. Finally, you’ll usually be prescribed antibiotics in order to combat your risk of infection.

If you’re considering vaginoplasty make sure that you read through all of the risks and benefits and weigh them against each other. If you decide that the vaginal rejuvenation surgery suits your wants and needs, get in touch with a doctor specialising in the procedure to start the process.

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