by Bea | July 8th, 2008 | Biking

With gas prices so high, it’s a wonder why more people are not biking to work!

Whenever I go to Holland to visit my relatives, I always am amazed at how so many people bike. It is true that there aren’t any hills in Holland, but still, people will bike everywhere (pictured)! And if the place they want to go isn’t reasonably reachable by bike, they’ll bike to the train station and use public transportation (Pictured: hundreds of bikes at train station)! However, the country of Holland encourages biking more than America does. They have bike paths, traffic lights for bikes, and large sections of almost every road designated for bikes. In America, bikers are put on the side of the road where they usually only have a width of a couple of feet in which to bike.

My job is about two miles away from where I live. In fact, I can get to work faster by bike than by car because there is a shortcut through a city park. I work at one of the high schools in my city, and I remember racing my co-worker (who drove) to the high school and I got there before she did because of that park.

Biking is a great sport to pick up. It is a fast source of transportation, it does not necessarily require a lot of effort, and it is a lot of fun. The only problem is when you’re biking on a road on which you’re afraid of getting hit.

Try biking to work one day. If you’re worried about getting all sweaty, go in early. If your work has showers, take a shower there. You’ll enjoy the morning exercise. Who knows, this could become your daily exercise routine. And best of all, your wallet will thank you as well! Save gas and ride a bike!

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