Chin-up bar or gun rack? You decide.

by Joe Lawrence | January 20th, 2010 | Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Strength Training

Chin-ups are an awesome upper body workout and one of the best exercises to build upper back muscles.  Couple chin-ups with a good push-up plan, and you soon will be selling tickets to the gun show!

I was very excited to get a chin-up bar for Christmas.  I had one in my bedroom door as a child and did 3 reps every time I entered or left the room.  I have wanted another one for awhile but never felt super-motivated to get one.

This time I have some more muscle knowledge and have created a daily ten minute workout for the guns.  First, I do three sets of reps each morning on the chin-up bar.  I like to alter chin-ups and pull-ups.  One day I do two sets of chin-ups and the next two of pull-ups.  This alone has added half an inch to each arm in only two weeks. (I was doing a little experiment.)

Now, I am going to kick it into high gear.  I will do the same plan and pair it with push-ups.  Currently, I do three sets of 7 reps on the bar and then use the Perfect Push-Up grips for the latter half of the routine.  Three sets of 25 reps on that will leave your arms like Jell-O very quickly.

I love to superset the two with only a few breaths in between the sets.  You can do this or space out the sets.  Play with the reps to see where you are comfortable.  Adjust to a number that is a great workout for you.  My prediction is another half to three-fourths of an inch at the end of this month.

This takes almost no extra time out of my day, but the rewards are showing.  It is worth the minimal effort and kind of like throwing spare change into a jar.  Before you know it you have a good bit of cash.  Same principle works for building muscle.  Do a little spare change exercise like this and soon you will be calling the bar your gun rack.

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