Combine Music and Exercise to Improve Your Mood

by Marnie Bii | March 27th, 2015 | Mind & Body, Seasonal

girl workout and music (400x400)As you wait for the sun to come out full time, you might find your mood dropping to dangerously sad levels from time to time. You can artificially boost your mood by exercising and listening to music while waiting for the sun’s assistance. Both music and exercise have a positive effect on mood regulation. When combined, these activities definitely turn your frown upside down.

The type of exercise you choose does not matter. You can lift heavy weights, go on a run, ride a stationary bike or perform your favorite yoga poses. The duration of each session does make a difference, however. Studies found that at least 20 minutes of exercise can improve your mood and reduce stress for at least twelve hours afterward.

Listen to music throughout your routine to enhance the mood elevating effects of exercise. The type of music you listen to does not matter as long as you enjoy the beat. Pay attention to the way the music makes you feel inside as you listen to its instruments and vocals. You should feel your muscles relax, mind open up and tension lift away with each song. Make this combination a part of your routine at least three times a week for the greatest benefits.

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