Controlling Diabetes Using Insulin

by Editorial Team | March 16th, 2012 | Special Interest Section

Insulin plays a very important role in the body. It is a hormone naturally produced by the pancreas. The main action of insulin is to keep the blood glucose at a normal range. When the body is producing lesser amount or no insulin, a condition called type 1 diabetes will result. In type 2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes, the pancreas is able to produce the insulin but the body cells are not responding well to the actions of the hormone.

Administration of oral antidiabetic agents is a common form of treatment given to patients with diabetes mellitus. However, if antidiabetic oral treatment is found not adequate to keep blood sugar levels in a normal state, the patient is given insulin. Insulin therapy is usually made as part of a total diabetic care program together with regular exercise and proper diet. Blood sugar levels are affected when exercise and good diet are lacking. Insulin will not work alone. It should be accompanied with weight control, diet and exercise to keep blood sugar levels at the proper range.

Insulin is given via subcutaneous injection. Administration of the right dose of insulin is very important to prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Insulin is available in different preparations with different onset and duration of action. Insulin regular is a short acting form of insulin preparation used by several diabetic patients. Never share insulin injection with someone else. Needle sharing may pass on other diseases like human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis. You can purchase Insulin without prescription online from a few reputable sources.

Do not use insulin if the doctor does not recommend it. Using insulin without medical advice may cause danger. Wrong dosage and improper timing of injecting insulin will cause hypoglycemia. Common symptoms found in patients with low blood sugar include body weakness, tremors, irritability, excessive hunger and headache. Know the signs of hypoglycemia so you can immediately correct it. Choosing the right insulin type for you and the right time of administration should be done by a medical professional. Do not change the brand of insulin you are using without medical advice from the doctor.

Insulin is an effective medication for the management of diabetes mellitus. Blood sugar levels should be closely monitored. A regular visit to the doctor is advised. Blood tests are performed so that level of blood sugar in the body is maintained. In injecting insulin, choose a different site of injection. It is injected under the skin (subcutaneous route) at the right dosage and proper timing to effectively manage diabetes. For more information, you can visit http://www.77canadapharmacy.com

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