Crack Open Your Six Pack

by Joe Lawrence | December 16th, 2009 | Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training

4-Pound-Medicine-BallEveryone wants a flat stomach or the famous six pack abs.  The problem is most people do not do the right things to get them.  Hopefully, I will give you some ideas to steer you in the right direction.

First off, I want to say that I personally do not feel flat or muscular stomachs are a staple of being fit.  They only make you “look” fit.  I say this because I see too many people chasing after this one quality.  Stop.  Work on everything else, and the abs will happen.  All the times I carried around my six pack were the times I didn’t try for it, but once I quit fighting, the definition did, too.

However,  a strong core is key to great health.  I will give you some simple exercises to build that core and maybe get the results you are looking for.  Assuming you have a diet aimed at fitness and lowering your body fat, you need to undergo aggressive cardio.  Watch videos of MMA fighters prepping for a fight to know what I mean.  You need to not just go for a jog but do the track dragging a car tire with a rope.

Next, crunches or traditional situps only work the upper ab muscles and do very little for the spare tire area.  To work these muscles you have to engage the legs.  Hang from a chin up bar with a medicine ball gripped between your knees or calves (the lower the better).  Bring your knees to your chest while squeezing the ball and keeping your upper body from swinging.  I personally love these, and you will hate me the next day.

Take a kickboxing lesson, and learn to throw basic punches and kicks.  Most gyms these days have a heavy bag somewhere because of the trending MMA fighters.  Attack this bag in three minute rounds and work up to five minute rounds.  I like to do rounds one and three for speed/technique and two and four as raw power.  Round five is a combo of everything.

Before you know it, your results will come.

  1. Oxy2001 says:

    Very interesting. I agree with you that flat stomach and abs does not make one fit, rather it makes one look pretty, cute and model like. People try to work so hard on their abs and stomachs so as to look like models we see on magazines or TV adverts. Going for walks and stretching also contributes to being fit.

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