Five Minute Abs

by Bea | February 22nd, 2008 | Exercises, Strength Training

After every warm-up lap around the school, my track team stretches, does X amount of push-ups, and then we do “Five Minute Abs.” A lot of people do not have the motivation to take the time and do abdominal workouts, but this makes the process fun!

What do you do? Grab a stopwatch or something that allows you to track the seconds. Start off with one type of ab exercise, such as your standard crunches. Then, after 30 seconds, switch up the exercise! You could do some V-ups or bicycles, or you could hold yourself in a low push-up position (but lay your forearms on the ground so that your elbows are touching the ground). Which exercises you choose to do to are up to you!

If you do the “classic” five minute abs, you’ll do 10 different types of 30 second ab exercises. This is a great way to do your ab workout for the day, as the exercises switch every 30 seconds. The five minutes go by fast, and you never get bored! You could even make a set routine for yourself so that way you wouldn’t have to keep track of how many 30 second sets you have done.

One final note: when you are doing five minute abs, make sure to do the exercises correctly. Also, to make them more effective, try holding in your stomach. Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time to do abs and they may not seem that effective at first, but think about it, five minutes a day equates to 35 minutes a week, about 2.5 hours a month, and so on!

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