Flexibility is the Key to Stronger Shoulders

by Joe Lawrence | December 28th, 2022 | Strength Training, Upper Body

Shoulders are one of the most important areas to work. Without your shoulders, your arms are useless. Many of us do not focus on them and just add an exercise or two while doing another muscle group. It is even worse when it is time to stretch; shoulders are once again ignored.

woman exercising (400x400)Flexibility in your shoulders prevents injuries, helps alleviate the pain of current injuries, reduces the chances of future nerve issues, and increases the strength of this muscle group.

In fact, the stretches we discuss here will not only help with motion, but also add strength and endurance.

The first stretch is the arm over the chest. Take your left arm and make it as straight as a board. Then lay it across your chest keeping it parallel to the ground. Now, using your right arm pull on your left elbow to stretch the joint. Hold this for a five count, and then try to straighten your left arm. Keep pulling on the left elbow with your right arm and hold this for a ten count. Switch arms and do the same thing.

Next exercise is the back scratcher. Take your left arm and reach over your head placing your left hand palm down in between your shoulder blades. It is as if you are attempting to scratch your back. Then gently pull your left elbow with your right hand again. Do another five count and then once again add pressure and try to pull your left arm away. Hold this for ten seconds and then switch arms.

The next exercise is the praying hands. Put your hands together palm to palm as if you are praying. Then make your arms parallel to the ground. Now push with both hands as if you are trying to move the other one. Hold this for ten seconds.

The last exercise is the door stretcher. Stand in an open door way. Place your hands on the door frame so they are even with your shoulders. Now push as if you are trying to stretch the door frame and hold this for ten seconds.

After this exercise, repeat all four two more times for a total of three sets.

This is a great warm up before Yoga, throwing sports, or an arm workout. This will boost your flexibility and strength as you do these isometric exercises. Doing these types of exercises prevents many future injuries and increases the effectiveness of the routines you are performing.

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