Fuel Your Workouts

by Chang Song | November 18th, 2010 | Eating Tips

Food, water, and oxygen are the essentials of surviving in this great universe of ours. Those three things are irreplaceable and are not to be had without the others, they are like the true Three Musketeers. This is especially true when one is going through the process of losing weight, many people make the mistake of having the oxygen and water while omitting the food part to make the weight-losing process a little faster.

For those who are omitting food to lose weight faster and quicker, two words for you hard workers out there: stop it. It is painful for you, me, and the restaurant owners to see. First of all, no matter what kind of exercises or sports you are doing: running, biking, swimming, football, or baseball, you are going to need food to fuel your effort and help you recover later on. Second, if you are not going to eat for the sake of yourself, eat for the economic well-being of the American people. Listen, as economy slowly gets on its prospering tracks, you need to contribute to your society by getting a bite every so often. No, that is not an excuse for people to get fat. What it is really is eating can be a big part of keeping a person alive and a big part of helping a person to lose weight.

Food can be a very important part of your exercise regimen. According to Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a certified specialist in sports dietetics, “I take the approach of thinking of food as part of your equipment. People are not going to run well with one running shoe or ride with a flat tire on their bike. Your food is just like your running shoes or your skis. It really is the inner equipment. If you think of it this way, you usually have a better outcome when you’re physically active.” The common mistake often is not eating enough before and after exercises. When you don’t eat enough before, you don’t have enough fuel in your body to help you maximize your workout. When you don’t eat after, you will most likely encounter pains and tensions because you don’t have enough food to help your body recover.

Last, food can be the catalyst of a good weight-loss program instead of the evil antagonist.

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