Get a Mountain Climber Butt!

by Joe Lawrence | August 17th, 2022 | Lower Body, Strength Training

mountain climber (400x400)Working out your gluteous maximus does not have to be a chore or even a boring task. In fact, it could be as fun as climbing a mountain.

Going back to my martial arts days, brings back memories of my instructor telling us something similar. We did many exercises and drills to strengthen our legs and core. Especially the muscles in the butt area because the hips generate so much power and the beefy muscle masses of the upper leg and butt could really add the snap to the whip.

Usually when he was angry with us over something he’d tell us we were going mountain climbing…and we all knew what was to follow. We just hoped he had a small mountain in mind.

Instead of discussing each exercise and then the workout, I will go through the workout with you and describe the exercises as we come to it.

Instantly, we all hit the floor to start the mountain climbers. Get into a push up position and then bring your right leg to your chest. Then in a slight jumping motion, switch your legs to get your left leg to the chest. It is as if you are running in place while in the push up position.

We would do this for about a minute or two until he decided to hit us with an obstacle. Usually, it would be raining on this mountain and we had to make a bridge to get across the forming streams. Here you lie on your back with your knees bent at 90 degrees like you are going to do some sit ups. Then bring your hips to the ceiling making a straight line from your knee caps your shoulders. Then lower the hips keeping your butt just off of the ground. There were usually about 10-20 reps required to get across the stream.\

Back to climbing that mountain and the mountain climbers again for another couple of minutes. That is until we hit the fallen trees. Here we would have to jump over them, but since they were so big it took creative climbing. This meant burpees. Here you are in the push up position and do one push up. Then you drive your knees to your chest and jump into the air as high as you can. Once you land you drop into the push up position and repeat.

Then back to climbing the mountain until we reached the top. Once at the top there was little time to enjoy the view and we needed to get back down so we could get back to the lesson we diverted from in the first place. This meant we needed to expedite the process and ski down. Ski jumps were next. Stand with feet should width apart and jump from side to side like you are slaloming down a hill. Every now an then we would toss in a couple of knee jumps and such, but three minutes of these usually got us to the bottom again.

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