Get Back on the Horse in 2010

by Joe Lawrence | January 27th, 2010 | Exercises, Strength Training

I’m a huge fan of working out at home.  Ten minute workouts here and there have kept me in shape for years, when gym time was not feasible.  This article will pull two exercises from my martial arts days to build up your quads and glutes.  In other words…”da butt.”

Both exercises can be done without ever taking your eyes off of the TV.  In fact, I would recommend doing the second one while watching the tube to keep your mind off of the pain.  Now, to get started.

This first exercise builds the quads, hamstrings and even your calves.  Take your feet and spread them twice your shoulder width apart.  Then bend at your knees while keeping your upper body stiff.  This is called a horse back stance because it looks like you are, well, riding a horse.

Next, lower your butt a few inches and then extend your left leg out to the front as your straighten your right leg.  The higher you can kick the better.  Then put your left foot back where it was as you go back to the horse back stance.  Then do the same thing with your right leg.  Keep going back and forth.  A good number to start with is 3 sets of 10 kicks from each leg.

If this is too hard, make your kicks knee or waist level.  If still too hard, shorten the stance by bringing your feet to shoulder width apart.  For those who find this exercise too easy, when you kick, hold your leg out for a two count on each rep.

The exercise for “da butt” is a time based exercise.  Get on your hands and knees like you are a crawling baby.  Take one leg and kick it straight back to be parallel with the floor.  Don’t bend your elbows or move any other part of your body.  Hold this position for thirty seconds and then switch legs.  Do three-five sets of this, and you certainly will feel it.

These are simple exercises you can do during commercials or anytime during the day.

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