Give Your Shoulders Punching Power

by Joe Lawrence | December 1st, 2014 | Strength Training, Upper Body

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The shoulders are an interesting beast. They do so much and yet are not really that strong in relation to many other muscle groups of the body. If you do not believe me, hold a small weight (three pounds) in each hand, and then put your arms straight out to see how long you can hold them there before they give. Not very long.

The support structure is not there, but we can build the muscle endurance to boost them. So, if you ever feel the need to hold a random weight out in the front for an extended period of time, you will be ready.

When working your shoulders, it is important to not do something that could injure them. For example, if you are throwing a baseball, do not use all of your might and overwork the joint. This type of injury is long lasting and will recur very easily.

With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started on an endurance workout that will add practical strength to your shoulders. One of the best motions to accomplish this is throwing a punch. A punch rotated your arm and works all the small fiber muscles in the shoulder joint.

To throw a proper punch you need to make a fist by rolling your fingers into the palm of your hand and placing your thumb over the pointer and middle fingers to lock your fingers down. Then put the left fist, palm facing up, beside your left breast and the same for the right. Then, as you extend the punch twist your palm downwards until the arm is fully extended.

Once you have that down, it is time to begin.

Do 50 punches slowly with each arm and hold the extended fist for two seconds each time. This will warm up the muscles. Then get some very light weights (no more than three pounds) and do 50 more punches with each arm.

You should be feeling the burn by now, but there is more. Now, while keeping the weights in your hands, put your arms straight out to the sides like you are spreading your wings and hold this for one minute. Then do not put your arms down; rather, move them both towards the front of your body so they are stretched straight out to the front. Keep one arm straight and then pull back the left arm to start position for your punch. Punch the left arm and hold it and then retract the right arm. Do this for 25 reps on each arm.

Lastly, put the weights down and do 50 more punches with each arm.

This routine is a great one to do twice a week and will boost your shoulder endurance quickly and allow you to throw a pretty solid punch at the same time.

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