How Fitness Can Help Improve Health and Combat Depression

by Editorial Team | March 2nd, 2015 | Cardio

legs exercise (400x400)Depression is not an easy subject about which to talk. Despite our inward nature regarding the subject, tens of millions of Americans suffer from depression at any given time. Most people report dealing with depression at least once at some point in their lives, and many deal with it on a daily basis. Depression can be caused by a variety of different things, but breaking the cycle of depression is more important in establishing a healthy outlook on life. Being active and physically healthy can in fact reduce or eliminate the most troubling forms of depression that aren’t rooted in acute grief or loss, and we will discuss how they can help in the following article.

Fitness Generates Positive Thoughts
Pretty much anyone will tell you that a bout of depression does not by default inspire one to go exercise. With that being said, there is nothing better for treating the symptoms of depression than fitness and activity. Whenever the body is in physical movement and engaged in regular exercise, the brain and body will release chemicals that promote well-being and make the person feel much better. These chemicals include endorphins and endocannabinoids that stimulate brain activity much like TMS therapy for depression offered by Smart Brain and Health does the same. These chemicals may be temporary in terms of their effect, but daily exercise will promote an overall better mood and feeling about life in general.

Fitness Reduces Depression Antagonists
Our bodies can sometimes be our own worst enemies. Chronically high levels of stress and anxiety can create the conditions in our bodies for them to produce immune boosting agents to deal with the stress. The by-product of these immune response agents is that the mind can become depressed. Fortunately, fitness is a great way to reduce the level of these immune responses in the body and ensure that one of the leading causes of non-incident depression is drastically minimized. If you’re feeling bad and have been stressed out lately, then going for a jog may be just what your body and mind need on multiple fronts.

Fitness Can Calm the Body
One of the most obvious effects of regular exercise on the body is the increased temperature that it causes us to experience. The body responds through sweating, which helps cool the body. This overall effect is shown to help calm the body and mind alike, putting us into a more relaxed state where we will not be as effected by our surroundings and by our own thoughts. Especially when dealing with depression that is external in nature (such as the passing of a loved one), a calming, healthy response to the situation can go a long way toward bringing us peace of mind and helping us settle our thoughts and feelings.

Fitness through physical activity can help spark multiple responses in the body. When feeling depressed, this is no different. By raising the body temperature to calm the body and mind, reducing depression antagonists and releasing feel-good chemicals into the body, exercise is quite possibly the best remedy to depression available to sufferers.

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