Kids and Sports: Tips for Parents

by Heather Duchan | September 27th, 2011 | Sports

Soccer, volleyball, and football are just a few sport activities kids embark on during the fall. For parents of athletic children, there can be a lot of pressure to provide the best environment for your kids to have fun while also excelling at their sport of choice. Unfortunately, many well-intentioned parents take sports too seriously, causing undo harm to children and taking the enjoyment out of the game. Instead, keep a few tips in mind.

Show unconditional love. Kids who try something new are bound to fail sometimes, especially when they are involved in sports. Make sure you support your children when they make mistakes, showing love regardless of performance. In addition, encourage your children to learn from their mistakes in healthy ways, focusing on improvements and goals.

Hold your tongue. It’s all too common to see parents on the sideline, shouting orders to their kids or assaults at coaches and officials. Don’t be THAT parent. Shouting at your kids while they are playing will throw off their focus and often confuse them, causing unneeded problems. Even more, this kind of behavior can be embarrassing, and it teaches your kids that respecting others is not important. That’s not a purpose of children’s sports.

Keep your idealistic expectations to yourself. You may have big dreams of your son being quarterback of the football team, but he may not be cut out for it. And if he is, you’ll want him to follow that path on his own terms, choosing a sport because it brings joy, not because of parental pressure. On another note, you may wish your kid was the star player, when instead, she’s on the bench most of the game. Focus instead on the benefits of being part of a team, and encourage your child to do their best regardless of how much playing time he or she gets.

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