Lower Noise to Reduce Your High Stress Levels

by Marnie Bii | June 26th, 2024 | Mind & Body, Stress
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You likely already know that you should limit exposure to loud sounds to protect your hearing. However, did you know that constant noise at acceptable levels can also harm your health? Although the noises do not have an effect on your hearing ability, the sustained sounds can activate your stress hormones.

The constant background noises you hear every day may not actively register, but your psyche is taking note. As your mind processes the sounds, your sensory system automatically kicks into action. If the sounds continue for too long, your mind and body may even go into fight or flight mode. If this happens too often, you could start to develop anxiety at even the slightly hint of loud or sustained sounds.

Thankfully, you can mitigate the effects by regularly utilizing earphones while traveling through particularly loud areas. When you return home, give yourself some time to relax by keeping the television off and skipping the music in favor of a long reading session. You can also give your sensory system a break by scheduling sessions in a local sensory deprivation tank. After just one 20-minute dip in the tank, you may notice you feel incredibly calm and relaxed.

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