On the Right Track

by Chang Song | February 17th, 2011 | Cardio

There are plenty of cardio exercises out there that you can do to burn calories and lose weight. However, when the weather outside becomes frightful, there are few exercises that help people shed off pounds as effectively and as fun as cross country skiing.

During winter, people feel very sluggish from lack of activity. So it is very important for people to work out in the weather. There are very few exercises that are out there that people feel motivated to do out in the cold when the old treadmill needs a break. Cross country is one of them; it is the perfect exercise to help people shed weight and regain some needed energy.

One of best things about cross country skiing is that it can help people lose weight very easily. It can help someone burn up to 800 calories in one hour; this exercise can help someone lose just as much weight if not more than running and bicycling can. Not only that, cross country skiing has many other beneficial effects on that human body. As many know, an aerobic workout like cross country skiing can help keep the heart pumping for an extended period of time which can boost the good HDL cholesterol and help to control blood pressure. It can also help people to build endurance and strengthen the spine. Plus, since cross country skiing is a relative low-impact sport if you managed to avoid the trees, it can help exercise and loosen up all your muscle groups and keep the body in a better state of physical balance while resulting in fewer injuries.

The great thing about cross country skiing is that there are no limitations. Anyone and everyone can do it. Also, nothing beats the scenery and the breath of fresh air while you ski past the mountain trails and the forest. It can be even healing to your respiratory system. Skiing is very easy to get into, I guess if you are frugal, ski in your backyard.  Heck, the snow we got in the east coast might have better slopes than Roundtops!

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