Smarter Way to Avoid Obesity

by Chang Song | October 21st, 2010 | Eating Tips

For the past several years, people have begun to realize that the United States has several noticeable issues. From its down-sloping economy to its unbelievable amount of reality shows on TV, the United States has its hands full, to say the least. But one of rather alarming issues is the country’s obesity population.

Now, obesity may seem like a non-issue when comparing to country’s economy and the war or whatever you guys want to call it in Iraq. But, obesity is a real issue. Just recently, experts from WebMD put out a report that obesity can be detrimental to people’s health down the road and that obesity numbers here in the USA have been on a steady rise since the 2007 which was the official start of the economy debacle here in the States. Does this mean people eat more to relieve the stress of the economic downturn? I might be foreign, but gee, I thought you try to save more money during this time. But anyway, only way to solve the obesity problem is encourage people to eat healthier.

First of all, there can be no short cuts to solving the problem of obesity. That means say no to all the weight loss product. I know she looked good on that weight loss product that promises you can lose 100 pounds in 30 days, but it’s just not real. Eating healthy is the foundation to a good weight loss program. Eating healthy is important because it ultimately decides how fit you are going to be.

First thing first, put the frying pan away. Lock it up, burn it, throw it away, whatever. The key to eating healthy is cutting down the fat. Steam, broil, boil, bake, and grill your food can be very healthy and delicious. Next, eat lots more fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only are they good for you and low in calories, but they help to bulk up meals by satisfying your appetite without adding many calories. Secondly, what your drink is also very important. Sodas and alcohol are very damaging to a healthy diet since they are loaded with calories.

Lastly, in order to eat healthier you really need to wise up your portion size. Take this to heart, this could be final step to a healthier diet and life. Let switch from super size to minimize and slow down obesity.

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