The Dynamic Duo

by Chang Song | March 8th, 2011 | Eating Tips

Spring is a season that gives many people around the globe a good chance to shed some pounds they had gained during the hibernating season of winter. Thus, the best ways for anyone to become healthier are to implement frequent exercise and healthy eating, the dynamic duo in fitness.

Now, it is obvious that every one of us know that exercise is supposed to be beneficial to us. Although many of us know that exercise is good for us, not many do it on a regular basis, it is just like eating our vegetables. Many people don’t exercise on a regular basis because they are busy and their schedules are too hectic. Those are probably the oldest excuses in the book, you practically can use them for anything and everything that you don’t want to do. The key to a successful exercising regimen is to do the exercise that you like and do it often. Walking, strolling, bowling, playing tennis or any sport you love are all very good forms of exercise.

It is important to change what you do everyday in your exercise plan and switch things up if you find it tedious and boring. Another thing is that you don’t have to go to the gym for two hours a day or run 5K every single day. Just exercising 30 minutes a day will do a lot of good for your body. So, instead of catching a re-run of Seinfeld every day that you saw at least 50 times, take a stroll to the mall, walk around your neighborhood, or take the dog out for a jog.  Just 30 minutes can make you healthier than you were yesterday.

The other part of the Dynamic Duo is very important to helping one to get in shape. Healthy eating can be pivotal. If you continue to eat junk food while you are exercising, it won’t make any difference. I know that when many think of healthy eating plans, you think of small food portions and less than tasty dietary foods. But healthy eating really is all about eating all the food you like. Say what? Exactly, it sounds way too good. Eat what you love, for example a steak from Ruth’s Chris, but do it only once a week. Fill your other days with chicken, seafood, and prepared salads. Have side dishes that aren’t filled with butter but more herbal mixes.

It is simple as that, doing and eating the things you love can give you a healthier tomorrow.


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