The Rowing Machine

by Erin Steiner | April 17th, 2008 | Exercise Equipment

Staying in shape is something that has become increasingly problematic in our “on the go” culture. We are so busy working, taking care of a home, keeping up with social engagements, etc. that we often forget to make time for exercise. For some of us, this isn’t a big deal—our jobs involve a lot of activity (think about the retail worker who has to climb ladders and lift boxes of merchandise all day). For others, finding the time to workout can be a nightmare.

The good news is this: it is possible to cut your hour long workout routine down to twenty minutes and you can do it at home if you want. All you need is a rowing machine. A rowing machine is to the time/space hampered what an elliptical machine, swimming pool or full hour workout routine is to those who have ample space and time. How is this possible?

A rowing machine is a piece of exercise equipment that works your legs, your abs and your heart, all at the same time. Spending twenty minutes on the rowing machine is like spending twenty minutes strengthening your muscles, twenty minutes strengthening your heart and twenty minutes improving your muscle tone. The difference is that with the rowing machine, you do all of these things at the same time!

The best part about the rowing machine is that it is easy to set up and take down, and you easily can get your rowing workout in while you are watching television with your kids or in the mornings before work. The machine itself can be stored easily under your bed and brought out when you want to use it. Twenty minutes is certainly easier to deal with than an hour, right? Exercising at home is also more convenient and cost effective than joining a gym. Why use three machines when you only need one?

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